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  • Track visitors to your site.
  • Measure your banner's effectiveness.
  • Change your banner any time.
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  • You choose who will see your banner.
  • You choose the type of banners that will appear on your site.

Start by selecting your account username and password. You will be given a code to copy and add to your web page. This code can be added anywhere on your web page and must be added to the same web page that your banner will be promoting.

By copying and pasting the code provided on your own web pages, our system will automatically credit your banner with one exposure on for every two banner exposures on your site. Example: Every time your web page shows two of our banners, your banner will be displayed in our network.

All banners are subject to administrative approval. We will NOT accept banners advertising illegal or immoral content.

To open your FREE account, simply select a username and a password:

Webmasters: To add your site to the exchange, enter the name and password you wish to use:

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In order to participate in this Banner Exchange, you will be required to add our banner code to your web site so you can earn exchange credits. If you do not have a web site that will allow you to enter the required code, your account will not be approved.

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